Our Story

It all started with another regular house party gone wrong, and we decided never to worry about our drinks again. We are a team of passionate individuals motivated to take Friday nights to a whole another level. So we designed a state-of-the-art cocktail-making machine to take on the nightlife business in every city in India.

Boozimba Mini

Our State-Of-The-Art Cocktail Dispensing Machine Is Designed With High Precision And Unmatched Quality That You Won't Find Anywhere In India.

Boozimba Console

A Uniquely Designed Infrastructure That Let's You Supervise Your Pub On The Go.

Features At A Glance

World Class Cocktails

Skilled mixologists from around the world contribute to our online cocktail recipe server from which the boozimba dispenses cocktails with the utmost precision.

Customizable Drinks

Customers can customize the strength and flavor of the cocktails during ordering. Pub management can bill them according to the amount of ingredients they customize

Dynamic Menus

Based on the amount of ingredients available for mixing, a menu is generated dynamically and presented to the customer for ordering.

Sales Predictions

Our in-house data analytics team can analyze past cocktail sales and provide useful insights about sales prediction for upcoming weekends so that management can prepare in advance.

Remote Operations

Customers can order cocktails through the mobile app and get notified once the order is ready. Pub managers can also monitor daily sales and administer the boozimba system remotel

Inventory Management

The boozimba machine keeps track of the inventory it is connected to and based on previous sales data, it is able to predict and stockpile inventory by creating order cycles periodically.